Yesterday, my best friend and her sister invited me to travel with them to London to attend a surprise gig that our favourite band Palace was putting on in the run up to their first album release on Friday the 4th of November.

The gig itself was free, and secret, and so we navigated our way to Notting Hill with a drink in hand, nursing the Halloween sized hangover from the night before. Upon arrival, we were offered a free beer and shown to our seats in a small room. There were only a few dozen other fans attending and the entire thing was filmed on Facebook Live.

They played a selection of their songs – in acoustic, with a few of the new songs that are yet to be released. After this, the floor was opened for a bit of a Q&A between the Palace and the audience.

Following the gig, we were given signed copies of their album poster and headed out into the night, a little bit starstruck. We managed to lose a poster instantly, and so headed back in to see if there were any left over, which luckily there was. But as we were leaving, we bumped into the lead singer, Leo and got chatting to him. He seemed really nice, even personally inviting us to their gig, which was amazing.

What an incredible night, a special thank you to Palace, and their record company – Fiction Records for putting on such a wonderful evening. And super special thank you to Josie for taking me as your plus one to the best night of my life (so far)!